It has certainly been some time since I last wrote on my page. I honestly don’t know what has kept me from writing but I do know I’ve missed venting and expressing myself in this manner. I will try and write more at least publish something once a month. As for any recent changes… nope! … More M.I.A.


A mother’s love for her children is an unstoppable force. A mother could bare pain for a glimpse of her child’s smile, sacrifice sleep if it kept her children safe and endure separation if it benefited her child’s growth. A mother, to me, means unconditional love given to the beings she brought into this world … More Mothers


What motivates one to do what they do? Weather it be loosing weight, staying faithful, reaching that unreachable goal or even going to work everyday? Is everyone born with motivation? And if so, how do we loose that passion, that drive, that sense of urgency over time? I could speak about my motives and what … More Motivation….

Xbox One FortNite

Every year video games evolve and every year I am addicted to a new xbox game, for that moment. ┬áSo I have been playing this new game, well I don’t believe its new but its out and it’s the game everyone is talking about at the moment. FortNite. Has anyone else played this? It has … More Xbox One FortNite

How comfortable are you around your significant other?

I always wondered this, how long did it take you to feel completely comfortable around your significant other? When was the first time you might have passed gas or ate sloppily or when was the first time you had to uncontrollably use the restroom knowing your significant other could/would hear the grunting sounds you make? … More How comfortable are you around your significant other?